Find your Prop A Facts
Beware of the misinformation

There is an understandable amount of confusion that comes with something like Prop A (a.k.a. VATRE). This is worsened by the ease of misinformation spreading on social media. Round Rock ISD has a page dedicated to Prop A, which may be helpful to you. In this post, I aim to help you to determine what Prop A means for YOUR taxes.

How to find your information – Homeowners

Start with looking up your property on one of the sites below:

Williamson County Residents
Travis County Residents

Once you find your property, take a look at the Round Rock ISD data. Prop A only involves your Round Rock ISD taxes, so that’s what we want to look at. For Williamson County residents, this will be in the Taxes table. For Travis County residents, you will need to scroll down to the Round Rock ISD section.

We only care about the following 3 columns

Column 2 2022 Taxes: Last year’s tax rate and amount for your property.
Column 4 2023 Proposed Taxes: This is the rate & amount if Prop A passes.
Column 6 2023 Voter-Approval Taxes: This is the rate & amount if Prop A fails.

With these numbers handy, do the following math:

  1. Column 2 Amount – Column 4 amount = Difference from 2022 to 2023 if Prop A passes.
  2. Column 2 Amount – Column 6 amount = Difference from 2022 to 2023 if Prop A fails.
  3. Result from #2 – Result from #1 = The impact that passing Prop A has on your 2023 taxes.

If the result is a positive number for steps 1 & 2, that indicates a tax decrease, while a negative number indicates a tax increase.

What if I rent?

Short answer: It’s complicated.

The impact of Prop A on renters is going to be a mixed bag that will depend on a number of factors, such as whether or not the home value dropped in the past year and whether or not the landlord passes any potential tax increase on to you. Landlords will get the tax rate decrease of 14.36ยข with Prop A or 17.36ยข without it, but because investment properties aren’t eligible for things like the homestead exemption, it’s possible that your landlord will see an increase in property taxes even with the tax rate and home values dropping. For those who live in a house, you can look up the property taxes on the websites provided above and do the same calculations to see what Prop A means for your landlord.


If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below, or if you would like an answer from Round Rock ISD, you can submit your question to them using this form.